Ray tracer TRACE42

Well, in this school we have to write each year some bigger program with documentation like in real life, only without money :(. Because I am interested in computer graphics I chose raytracer. I am doing it with my friend Miroslav Simek. We have created special crazy object broker for describing the trouble (algorithm+solids+materials+textures), but I don't wanna talk about it here (in public).
First some pictures from last year, usualy rendered with old MS-Windows version.

Model of our school.

And now, next year is here and our project continues on it's way of glory! Trace42 is now working on UNIX ! Our DEC Alpha 2100 seems to be ideal platform for such a extraodrdinary piece of software. This alow us to render bigger images in shorter time.

Same bitmap used on both color and bump chanels, used new enhanced bumping.

Two very usefull bitmaps.

On this Earth was used 4 bitmaps: color, height, reflectivity and one for clouds over all of them.

Finally, here they are, the reflections and refraction!

This is what polygon smoothing looks like. Notice, that only normals are interpolated.

B-spline patch generated by my friend Jan Knoulich (I mean his project called XSurf)

These objects was converted from LightWave format.